Priority breather valve


Here are some pictures of my priority breather valve.

The complete valve is made out of aluminum.

The rubber sealing on the valve, is made out of rubber gasket on tube, for use in engine.

You will need a turning-lathe to make the priority breather valve.


The measurements on the priority breather valve are up to you to decide,

depends on the space you have and how much extra air you need on low rpm.

When you are finish with the priority breather valve, mount it on the plenum and

pressurize the plenum to see if the valve is leaking, use about

My priority breather valve is leaking up to about 0.10 - 0.15 bar

after that it seals properly.

The spring should be very soft, it should barely hold up the valve.



Complet-valv-side.jpg (98924 byte)                               Complet-valv-top.jpg (110869 byte)

                                                                      Completed valve mounted on plenum               Air filter mounted on valve


Filter-and-holder.jpg (104169 byte)                              with-out-filter.jpg (101544 byte)

                                                                                    Air filter and holder                           Valve with out filter


intake-top.jpg (106418 byte)                    intake-side.jpg (102044 byte)                    intake-bottom.jpg (117911 byte)

                                                                        Valve intake top                      Valve intake side                  Valve intake bottom


valve,-valve-seat-and-sprin.jpg (82660 byte)                              valve-and-valve-seat-top.jpg (97838 byte)

                                                                         Valve shaft,  spring  and valve seat                    Valve in valve seat   


valve-seat-top.jpg (95898 byte)                              valve-seat-bottom.jpg (70218 byte)

                                                                             Valve seat and valve bearing  top           Valve seta inside plenum       


valve-top.jpg (111957 byte)                    valve-side.jpg (100242 byte)                    valve-bottom.jpg (97875 byte)

                                                           Valve and rubber sealing top                Valve and spring                      Valve bottom