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Yamaha Turbo

Harris FZR



XJR 1420

XJR 1200






Yamaha XJR Turbo From England







Engine:   Original 1200 casings

               Crank balanced & blue printed & strengthened

               Stock gearbox (could do with upgrading)

               Big oil pump

               APE clutch heavy duty

               Carrillo rods

               XJR barrels with GSXR liners bored out & wired

               GSXR low compression pistons

               APE heavy-duty studs

               Head gas flowed to the extreme, big valves, heavy duty springs

               & Titanium collets

               Garrett T3 Turbo with adjustable dump valve (draw-through)

               Road riding set for 15psi (250bhp)  Race 25psi (325bhp)

               Dyna 2000 ignition system & coils

               Mikuni HSR 42mm race carb, Facet fuel pump & pingle fuel regulator


Frame:    Stock frame de-lugged, rear sub frame removed

               1off rear sub frame to take R1 race tailpiece

               Bright nickel plating


Arse:      Stock wheel

               One off Metchamex swing arm

               Ohlins rear shock (mono)

               Braking wavey disc

               AP racing rear caliper


Front:     1off yokes

               Bandit 600 clocks

               Home made idiot lights

               Mantis headlamp fairing

               ZXR 900 forks (re-worked with Ohlins internals)

               Front wheel stock

               Pretech billet 6 pots

               Braking discís


Finish:    24 caret gold & chrome (£6500)

               Paint by Steve at Roadhouse (Leeds)


Do you have questions about this bike e-mail the owner at

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