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Pressurize Carburetor 








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Pressurize Carburetor R1

To get your vacuum carburetors to work with Turbo you need to pressurize them

You need to pressurize above and below the diaphragms

You also need to pressurize the flout bowls

This instruction is for the R1, but the principle is the same on all vacuum carburetors 

My carburetor setup is stock except Needle down one clip (leaner)

Pressurize diaphragms

Above  the diaphragms

On the R1 you have two holes in the slide that will pressurize the top of the diaphragms.



Pressurize diaphragms

Below the diaphragms

Static pressure

To get pressure below the diaphragms you need to connect a tube to the vacuum air vent for the diaphragms

You need two tubes, one for carburetor 1 and 2, and the second for carburetor 3 and 4

Connect this tubes to the plenum camber



Pressurize Flout Bowls

Dynamic pressure

The tubes should be mounted to the air ventilation for the flout bowls (The thin tube in the picture)

You need two tubes here also one between carburetor 1 and 2 and the second between carburetor 3 and 4

Connect this tubes to the pitot pipe on the plenum camber

The pitot pipe creates the Dynamic pressure

Conations to plenum.jpg (57493 byte)


Connect to Plenum camber

To pressurize your carburetors connect them to the plenum camber


Pipe size on plenum

The small hole in the pitot pipe that's goes through the big pipe is 4,5 mm
The small pipe is 8.mm inside 10 mm out side
The big pipe is 45 mm inside

The small hole in the pitot pipe has to be in the middle of the big hole





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