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Kawasaki Turbo

ZZR 1100


ZRX 1224






Kawasaki ZX9/12 Turbo From Sweden


Kawasaki ZX9R -98 1200cc Turbo
This is my Kawasaki ZX9-R with a ZX12 engine.
The bike and turbo system is built by me.
I use a Mitsubishi TD04HL-16T turbo with JE-turbo pistons.
Compression 8,2 :1 (pistons + spacer).
Piggy back injection with four additional injectors in the plenum. 
Mega Squirt 2,2 Electronic Fuel Injection Computer for the additional injectors at
boost, and the stock EFI off boost.
The intercooler are built in to the plenum ,(water/air).
Malpassi progressive fuel regulator. 3,1 bar base pressure.
Bosch fuel pump.
Cam settings 108 in/106 ex. 
Ported head with stock cams.
Home made oil relocate kit.
Stock clutch plates with harder springs from MC-Xpress and an aluminium ring pressed
over a standard clutch basket. (the stock clutch couldn't handle the power the first
basket exploded)
 Hi/low switch from MC-Xpress set to 0,5 / 0,9 bar. (7 / 13 psi) 
Street power; 253bhp at 0.5 bar. (7psi) see pic
Race power; Not tested, but enough =)
Do you have questions about this bike e-mail the owner at

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