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GSXR1100R -93

GSXR1100R -86




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GSXR1100R -86 From Sweden


Suzuki GSXR1100 Turbo

"This is my 1986 Suzuki GSX-R1100 with a homemade turbo system. It's equipped with the following: Mitsubishi TD04-16T with size 7 turbine housing, homemade exhaust header, modified intercooler from GIK, aluminum plenum chamber, Malpassi fuel pressure regulator, Wahlbro fuelpump, stock cylinders and pistons (1052 cc), prostreet ported head, 2 mm aluminum cylinder spacer from MC-Xpress, APE-bolts, Dyna2000 ignition system, Mikuni cv34 carbs modified for turbo use, Bosch dump valve, 3" exhaust pipe, K&N airfilter, hi/lo-switch. Power/torque: 265,7 hp/233 Nm at the rear wheel at 1,1 bar. That's about 300 hp/260 Nm at the crank. I have mounted GSX-R1000 -01-02 fairings and GSX-R1100 -91-92 wheels. Gearing is 16/42 instead of the original 14/47."




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