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Suzuki Turbo





GSXR1100R -93

GSXR1100R -86


GS750/GSX1100 T


GSX 1100EF

GSXR 1100M



GSXR1100M -91



Suzuki GSX1100M Turbo

2 mm spacer for 8:1 compression ratio
APE studs and nuts
APE adjustable camwheels (needed if you use a spacer)
Turbo is a TD04HL-16T from a Volvo
Bosch fuelpump,Bullit fuel filter and Malpassi fuel pressure regulator
Header,plenum and uppipe made by TP systems
Modified TP systems exhaust
Standard 40 mm carbs (modified for turbo use)
Goodridge oillines with onewayvalves (turbo is below oil level)
MTC lockup clutch (not yet installed on pictures)
10 psi................for now.........


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