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Honda Turbo









CBR900RR form Finland




Honda 900RR -99 Turbo

My bike is Honda CBR900RR -99 with self made turbo kit. It is also converted to 
fuel injection. Fuel injectors and throttle bodies are originally from Suzuki 
GSXR1000, but I have modified spacing of throttle bodies to fit in Honda. ECU 
is self made Megasquirt (exactly Mini-Ms,
www.mini-ms.com). Exhaust header, 
plenum, silencer and rest of exhaust are also self made. Oil filter is relocated 
to under the drivers seat.

Turbo is in nowadays small KKK with external wastegate, but I will replace it 
with Mitsubishi TD04HL-16T and I am going to make new exhaust header and 
silencer in the next winter also. 

Intercooler and thicker head gasket are from MC-XPRESS.


Do you have questions about this bike e-mail the owner at


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