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Honda Turbo









CBR900/Blackbird form Sweden


Honda CBR 1137 TIC


This is my CBR900RR -92. It is equipped with an engine from the HONDA BLACKBIRD
(1137cc). 1,7mm head gasket and a turbo from VOLVO S60R(KKK K-24) at 1.2 bar boost.
Turbo-header made by MC-XPRESS. The carburetors are pressurized and modified
Blackbird-carburetors. Intercooler and plenum chamber are homemade. Malpassi
fuel pressure-regulator and Whalbro fuel pump. Stock Blackbird oil cooler. There is no
space left for a water cooler when the IC is mounted, since the Blackbird-engine is
much longer than the 900 engine. I use 3 smaller water coolers, one on each side of
the bike and one behind the carburetors (see pics). Exhaust system is 2.5" all the way
with homemade 2.5" muffler. I've driven around 2000km so far with no problems.
Output should be 300+ hp at 1.2 bar.

Here is a link to a movie on this bike (76M)


Movie on the dyno run


Do you have questions about this bike e-mail the owner at



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For 2005 the bike has got a brand new look.


Old pictures

Hoj-med-kopa.jpg (112010 byte)turbo-och-grenror.jpg (108608 byte)hoj-utan-kopa.jpg (98950 byte)

motor-med-turbo.jpg (107493 byte)turbo-monterad.jpg (111397 byte)

naken-hoj.jpg (115379 byte)plenum.jpg (124511 byte)ram-avgas-sidan.jpg (113382 byte)avgas-bak.jpg (112347 byte)

topplock.jpg (98016 byte)turbo-m.m.jpg (98257 byte)Endast-ram.jpg (106497 byte)








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