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Triumph Turbo




Bonneville 750






Bonneville 904 form Sweden


Triumph Bonneville 904 Turbo

Spec: Bonnie2002, Wiseco 904cc, 8.8:1 CR, Carrillo rods, Garret T2 turbo (from a Nissan cherry), Megasquirt fuel injection with TL1000 Throttle bodies, JMC swingarm, clutch rebuilt to take 2 extra plates revlimiter changed to 9000 and max advance retarded 4deg (it's now 28deg) On the road I run 1bar boost (14psi) and have 112hp at 8000 and 130NM at 5000. On the strip I run 1.2bar (17psi) on unleaded race fuel and have 120+hp at the wheel. Stock it has 54hp at the wheel The dry weight is 211kg (465lbs) Best time on 1/8 mile is 6.66, best 60 foot is 1.65 and best top speed is 175kmh. Best result is 1st place in streetbike at Winternats at Meca raceway, Malmo Sweden. It is quick the first 100 meters but then it slows down a bit Everything is home built and I have done 200 runs plus 8000miles with no problems other than a few burnt clutches. Here are a video from Winternats 2004 that I won         



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                                                                       Photo by Claes Nilsson

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